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At tender care service, we reflect today’s modern families, who might be juggling a career, business, professional life and even home running. The safety and well-being of her children is a priority. However, at the same time, she might need an efficient housekeeper, Au Pair and even tutor to keep everything flowing. This is why we employ such a stringent selection criterion, taking into consideration, all the concerns any parent or parent-to-be may have. We want you to know that, the prospective employee has been vetted, is reliable and is both willing and able to perform the task at hand.

There is an African saying that goes like this “It takes a village to raise a child” true words have not been said, especially when you consider how important community is and in this case, the collective parent community. This is why we take the referral system so seriously. We trust the opinion of former employers because they too, are parents, just like you! We take vetting very seriously, so seriously in fact, that no one is excused from it, even prospective employers go through our basic processes. This is not to disorganize you in any way, but just some measures we would like to have in place, for your comfort.

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